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We will create a quality website presentation for you. We understand the quality of a website presentation, not only in terms of an elegant graphic style and a valid HTML code. These are only means leading to the fulfilment of the presentation’s ob­jective. And it is not important whether the objective is to sell, inform or entertain.

When drafting the solution of a website presentation, we help clients understand on whom the website focuses, what the requirements and the behaviour of the target group are, what is the age structure, sex and, last but not least, PC literacy. Understanding all these factors is critical for the proper mixing of all ingredients for the future web presentation.

The quality of the proposed presentation must be useful and accessible to the target group. Usefulness means the characteristics of the website, thanks to which visitors will find information on the website they are looking for and will find them where they intuitively expect them to be. Accessibility means the “website barrier-free character”, i.e. the possibility of viewing information irrespective of any health handicaps or technical skills of individual users.

To ensure the marketing success of a website presentation, it is necessary to appear in the results of internet search engines. There were times when it was enough just to fill in the Description and the Keywords in the HTML code heading … but this is no longer true. Search engines are becoming more and more sophisticated and only those may think of top positions whose website authors have mastered these algorithms and rules and are able to optimize the website content accordingly.

Information systems

If you need an information system for your business purposes and cannot make use of a ready-to-use system, you should think of a customized solution. We offer the development of such a system, which will reflect all your requirements and will communicate with your existing systems.

Intranet, Extranet

Intranet/Extranet solutions facilitate and streamline the communication among your employees or business partners. It helps you to strenghten the relationship with your customers, distributors and partners and allows you to cut your communication costs radically.

Your distributors will have access to all information, such as press releases, news and background documents for the production of promotion materials 24 hours a day, and you can administer your system on a round-the-clock basis via a user-friendly administration interface.


We offer webhosting based on high-performance hardware with excellent connectivity as a complementary service for our clients for whom we produce website presentations or applications.